Kiwi Pizza Oven Kitset

About Kitsets

The Premium Kitset includes everything you need to build an advanced and efficient pizza oven. To build the oven, you will go through 27 steps outlined in the manual. The estimated assembly time is about 10 hours, depending on your skills. Please note that you will receive raw pre-plastered parts. The premium set includes - parts, mortars, adhesive, filler and plastering system - but no paints or dyes, which can be additionally ordered after agreeing on the type and colors. Our budget options are called Optimum and Basic Kitsets, and you can compare them in our Price List.

Oven made with the Premium Kitset

With this kitset, you will build a traditional Neapolitan wood-fired pizza oven for home and small business use. The oven has excellent thermal protection so, despite half a thousand degrees Celsius inside, it is only slightly warm on the outside. Thanks to this, it can be placed on any base and surroundings with no need for special protection against high temperatures. It will take you about 2-4 min to bake a pizza. You can also bake bread and cakes, stew vegetables and dumplings, roast fish and sausage, make marmalade and jam, dry fruit and mushrooms, and much more.

Kitset Premium Main Parts

Refractory Inner Dome /1450°C

Our inner refractory dome consists of four concrete pieces (1450°C) with a ceramic seal stripe (1200°C). Thanks to a special recess at their joints, the elements lock like a puzzle, and the fibre-strips between them create a flexible and tight connection. In addition, all parts are screwed together with a bolt and high-temperature-resistant washers. Features: heats up quickly, maintains the right temperature for long hours, properly radiates heat inside the oven, is appropriate for intensive use, and has 24hrs cooling time.

Refractory mortar - firecement 1300°C

It is a medium duty, general purpose, refractory, air setting mortar. The maximum service temperature is 1300°C. It is used to make a fireproof connection between the floor-boards and the inner dome. 

Big refractory floor boards /1600°C

These 500x500mm super dense and heavy boards mean big heat capacity. Their smooth surface has been designed especially for pizza ovens and are much better than raw fire bricks. Big size means there are no joints in your oven floor. The dough never sticks to them, which is why reputable pizzerias use only this type of pizza oven boards. On request, they can be cut to fit the oval shape of our inner refractory dome, as shown in the picture below.

Ceramic refractory fibre blanket /1200°C

Our Ceramic fiber blanket combines all desireable insulationg qualities - fire resistance, flexible heat insulation, and heat preservation. It can maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure for a long time. It also shows low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity, excellent chemical stability and outstanding thermal parameters.

High-insulation mortar Premix /500°C

It is a mix of temperature-resistant, super-light, expanded minerals with binders. This improved superlight mortar contains specially selected ingredients. After setting, its most important features are: super light and durable structure, resistance to elevated temperatures, ultra-low coefficient of thermal expansion, excellent mechanical and insulation parameters.

Concrete oval-shape base

The base has a diameter of 1000mm. It's an reinforced concrete part with a self-drying system. It is designed to keep the oven-dry by removing any residual condensation. The base protects the bottom of the oven by insulating it against weather conditions, especially moisture. This is the solid foundation which makes the oven one portable piece you can take with you when moving home. 

Outer, pre-plastered shell

Our pre-plastered shell is a ready-made outer dome of the oven. It is made of super-light mortar and provides your oven with both structure and insulation. The dome is reinforced and covered with special type of plaster, which makes it a strong, stable shell with a smooth, perfect shape.

Arched, pre-plastered entrance

Our arched, pre-plastered entrance is installed as the front of the oven. It can be covered with bricks for an extra charge. The sample you can see here.

Stainless steel chimney

The stainless steel chimney has a rain-cap and is 600mm long.

Oven door with thermometer 600°C

Our oven door is equipped with a 600°C thermometer. The kitsets include raw metal doors, which can be painted with high temperature resistant black matt for an extra charge.

Plastering system

Our professional 4-layer plastering system consists of high quality polymer-modified plastering with an anty-crack system.

Assembly instruction

To build the oven, the assembler will follow 27 steps of the manual checking their progress with over 20 skeches. To make the assembling easier, the manual contains a list of necessary tools, and photos from the installation. The buyer also recieves a Pizza Oven Manual with all necessary information on how to use the oven, a description of the curing process, and instructions on heating up the oven and making pizzas with tips and golden rules.