If you would like to buy a good wood-fired pizza oven, you are in the right place. Our outdoor firebrick ovens are hand crafted from refractory materials with a lot of care and attention to detail.

What a good wood-fired pizza oven should be like?

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The Kiwi Pizza Oven is diligently made by hand we take all the time which is needed at every stage of its creation. Every 2 weeks, after 100 hours of disciplined work, a new oven is ready to find a new home.

9 features that make pizza ovens good

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Interesting Facts in a Nutshell

  • 100 % customer satisfaction rate

  • 100 cm is the oven diameter

  • 100 hrs is needed to build an oven

  • 100 min is enough to preheat it to 450°C

  • 100 min is the duration of our Free Pizza Lunch

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our pizza ovens have all the advantages of a barbecue and much more. All typical grilled dishes can be made in a pizza oven and I assure you that they taste as great or even better. Also, baking in a pizza oven at a high temperature is more efficient. Dishes are baked simultaneously from all sides, retain more juiciness and acquire subtle aroma of firewood.

In the pizza oven you can not only bake but also fry, grill, boil and dry food. The oven maintains the temperature for over 10 hours, so, after the pizza party, you can use the heat to bake bread or a cake. They will grow beautifully, have a crunchy crust and a wonderful aroma.
After baking bread, usually late in the evening, the oven is still hot so it's the best time for stewing vegetables. In the morning, you will have a hot and healthy dish that can be served as lunch. You can also enjoy equally excellent stewed fruit.
The oven can be also used to dry mushrooms, vegetables and fruit as well as stove fish and meat.
In the pizza oven you can easily make stews, toast, casseroles, baked or boiled potatoes and much more. And of course, the oven can be used for all the dishes which require low-temperature cooking or slow cooking.

You don't want to start me on that subject. So, I will just point out the most important parameters:

  • Heating time
  • Very important parameter. In my opinion one of the most important. I saw some beautiful oven whose heating time was more than five hour. I think it's too long. To heat such an oven you need a lot of fire wood which is expensive and a lot patience.

  • The outer surface temperature during operation
  • This is an important parameter because it demonstrates the quality of the insulation used. During operation, the oven may be slightly warm, but no more than 50°C, preferably cold because of efficiency and safety. The same applies to a chimney, but it is extremely difficult to obtain. Why? This is a lot safer, although it may even be more important that it is heat loss. And that excludes slow cooking.

  • Oven cooling time
  • This parameter is associated with the previous point. The cooling time for well-insulated ovens should be at least 24 hours. In such an oven it is much easier to light a fire, it takes less time to heat up and there is no moisture from the environment, and this prolongs its durability.

  • Oven weight
  • In the past, I built heavy, big ovens. Their weight sometimes exceeded 1000kg. I do not practice this now. After several years of testing, it turned out that the optimal weight is about 450 kg and the size of 1mx1mx1m combine high efficiency, short heating time and long cooling. Such a unit is optimal for non-residential purposes. This means that after 2 hrs, it is possible to start the baking process and only a few pieces of firewood are needed. The cooling time for this oven is at least 24 hours.
    Moreover, if someone intends to carry out the idea of a portable oven can be good.

  • Insulation against moisture
  • Many manufacturers disregard this issue, and this is a shame. When the oven gets wet from the surroundings /rain, dew, water vapour / it deteriorates its parameters and durability. When the temperature of the wet oven exceeds 100 degrees, the water in the walls begins to boild and steam makes micro-cracks. What's next? everyone will guess.

    The painting is not enough! The pizza oven must have a professional waterproofing! In addition, the oven should be equipped with a door and a flue cap.

We do it for two reasons.
First of all, we want to promote this attractive form of preparing healthy and tasty meals. Unfortunately, it is not as popular here as in Europe or South America. Almost everyone used the grill or ate grilled meals. It turns out, however, that few people had the opportunity to use a pizza oven.
Secondly, if we already have the idea of owning a pizza oven, first it is worth checking if it meets our expectations. It's a good idea to test the device before you buy it and become familiar with its operation. All family members can prepare the pizza themselves and put it in the oven.
Many people said that they imagined the oven service completely different and did not expect that it is so simple and by the way is so much fun.

It would be best if you could come for lunch, see how the oven works, and then talk about its operation and the possibilities of matching the oven to your surroundings. If you do not have this option, please contact us by email, phone , website form or Facebook. We can remotely determine all details regarding colour selection, finishing, payment and shipping. The waiting time for the order is between 2 and 20 days.

We can only provide indicative prices as shipping companies often change them. Here are some of the pizza oven /500kgs/ shipping options:
Christchurch City - $200.00
South Island /urban/ about $350.00
North Island /urban/ about $550.00
If you would like to organize your own transport, the pickup is from Christchurch - Mairehau, with a free load on a trailer.

Check the oven before you buy one.

Come with your family for a Free Pizza Lunch.

How to make an authentic pizza from a wood-fired oven?
Come in for a Free Pizza Lunch and test the oven.

NOTE: If you've ever wondered what it is like to have a good pizza oven, then now you have a unique opportunity. Come and see how our oven works and whether it meets your expectations. Come with your loved ones, knead the dough with your hands, create a pizza and savor the aromatic flavor.

Are you interested in Kitset?

Premium Kitset includes everything you need to build an advanced and efficient pizza oven. To build the oven, you will go through 27 steps outlined in the manual. The estimated assembly time is about 10-15 hours, depending on your skills. Our budget options are called Optimum and Basic Kitsets.

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